Dear Comrade Trailer Review and Decoding

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Vijay Devarakonda’s upcoming film Dear Comrade starring Rashmika Manthana directed by Bharat Kamma trailer got released yesterday. The trailer gave so many reasons and answers to the question “Why to watch Dear Comrade?”

Here we give a detailed analysis of the Dear Comrade trailer. Bobby (Vijay) is an arrogant young guy studying in a college. He actively involves in the politics and fights happen in his college. That guy falls in love with a girl who is a state-level cricket player. After a deep intimate love track, they had to get apart. He’s arrogant and impulsive behavior might be the reason behind.

After 3 years, he goes in search of his lost love. But consequences follow him and forces him to get into his aggressive mode again. How Bobby fights with himself and external threats and understands, his love is the story.

The trailer is filled with high voltage action, intimate romantic scenes, high drama, and octane range emotions. These elements make the film worth watchable. The concept seems old, but the taking looks afresh and the “Viraham Pongene” number by Sid Sriram and composed by Justin Prabhakaran already became the most played song.
Bharat Kamma taking looks good, and Vijay got himself into the role.

vijay devarakonda dear comrade movie

Rashmika looked gorgeous as always, and the chemistry between the Geeta Govindam pair is superb. The cinematography by Sujith Sarang is looking good. Mytri movie makers produce the film along with Big Ben cinemas.

Dear Comrade Trailer

The film will be releasing on 26th this July. So, wait for the booking opens notification.

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