Yet another headache for Syeraa | Uyyalawada family protest infront of Ram Charan’s office

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Mega Star Chiranjeevi as first generation freedom fighter Uyyalawada NarsimhaReddy titled Syeraa has been in news for good and bad reasons. Yesterday, yet another problem was faced by the unit.

The Uyyalawada clan is still living in the village of the same name. Actually, Syeraa team got permissions from them to film that freedom fighter story. Yesterday, the same family protested before the office of RamCharan. They argued that “Syeraa team has approached us for the script permissions.

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We happily accepted for that. They came to our village, they came into our home, they shooted various scenes. The set that got burnt was also on our farms. Our farms also got destroyed in the accident and also the shooting process. When the set got burnt, no one from the team came but we went there.

We approached Ramcharan to explain about our loss. He received us like his own parents. He assured that they will get the compensation for their loss. Now, after 30 days, when Ramcharan’s secretary, Tirupathi Rao was asked about the compensation, he said that they have no right to ask for compensation. So, as we had no option, we opted for protest as we were not let enter into Ramcharan’s office.”

Finally, police involved and convinced the protesters to stop by assuring that they will get justice.

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