ABCD Movie Review: Below Par Presentation of a Good Concept

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ABCD (American Born Confused Desi) starring Allu Sirish and Ruksar Dhillon directed by Sanjeev Reddy. This film is the remake of Malayalam film with the same title. Dulquar Salman is the hero in the Malayalam version.

ABCD Movie Review


Aravind aka Avi is an American born, son of a super-rich NRI (NagaBabu). He rises up lavishly without knowing the value of money. He spends a hell lot of money which worries his father. Deciding to teach his son the value of money and responsibilities in life, NagaBabu sends him to India joining in a college in Hyderabad and later on cutting all his financial resources even his American contacts as well. The rest of the story is all about how Avi rebuilds himself from scratch and how he and his friend gets the media and political attention.


ABCD has got a good concept in the heart but the team has disappointed with the final output. The concept could have presented in a better way with more commercial elements and humor.

The poor taking and limitations in the budget affected the film adversely. The producers might have had Sirish’s market value in mind.

The first half started off well but went on with slow pace but the pre-interval scenes bring hopes again. But the same repeats in the second half backs off the film. The entire political sequence also went below par. Sirivennela Raja as Villian is a complete miscast.

The friendship and love sequences between the lead actors are at par but nothing new.



Allu Sirish has shown much ease in acting and is the big asset of the film. If the film makes a good mark, it’ll be just because of him. With better support from a screenplay, he would have received a decent hit. Ruksar Dhillon is good beside Sirish. Bharath as hero’s friend entertained well.

Technical aspects:

Director Sanjeev Reddy selected a commercial concept and story for his second film but failed to deliver the best output which justifies the concept. The screenplay was the biggest drawback of the film.
Kannada music director Judah Sandhy failed to compose one good song in the movie. Production values are good but could have added more commercial elements.

abcd movie poster

Final verdict:

ABCD has got a good concept in the heart which has no feel-good moments and fails to connect with the audience because of the poor screenplay. Limited comedy in the first half and the complete story oriented second half with no enjoyable moments sets the film back.

Rating: 2.5/5

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