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Avengers End Game

The End for the end game is over and today it has released worldwide in theatres. I know it’s foolish to review as every Marvel fan gonna watch it despite any reviews written. Still, I can’t stop my excitement to write it. This review got no spoilers. It just carries my opinions.


Reviewing Avengers End game means reviewing the whole Infinity Saga of Marvel cinematic universe which has been entertaining us for 10 years. All the dots that are left out in previous films are concluded in the End Game.

Story Outline:

The Avengers to avenge the fallen come together for one last time. They team up to win the battle they lost earlier with the Mad Titan, Thanos. What are the sacrifices done and by whom, how they won it and brought back the fallen ones is the whole story.

Avengers EndGame is the lengthiest film ever made in MCU which almost got a screen time of 3 hours. But nowhere it feels bored as the film carries us through the glimpses of the previous films. The real marvel fan gonna enjoy it to the maximum.

The movie has got everything enough. Enough surprises, enough drama, enough emotions, enough action sequences, and enough humor as well.

Credits are to the directors Anthony Russo and Joe Russo to making the film another masterpiece and right conclusion for the 10-year journey.

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There is no commenting on the performances of the cast as they made us believe that they are the real superheroes. The first generation avengers got maximum screentime. Thanos character gives you constant surprises. Our new superhero Captain Marvel does have something to do in the film. Despite the minimal screen times, the rest of the characters done justice to their respective roles.

Technical aspects:

The VFX work was just brilliant and especially in the last 30 minutes of the film takes it to another level. The BGM added soul to the film carrying perfect emotions required.

Ending and Morale:

Even though the Infinity Saga is an art of fiction and superheroes, the directors gave the saga a practical ending. The win doesn’t just come easily even for superheroes with superpowers. The necessary sacrifices are to be made for the greater good. That’s what the End Game taught us in the context of morality. That makes the audience to roll out tears and come out with a heavy heart.


Final review:

Avengers EndGame gives everyone a beautiful cinematic experience. The directors took liberty in storytelling with questionable fictional aspects by the scientists. Even though there is a lag in a few scenes, they are forgettable keeping the emotional connect in view. The end of the saga is grand and have no much adjectives to hail it.

Rating: 4.5/5


I can’t resist myself from giving out one spoiler. Don’t wait for the post-credits as there are no post-credits. Don’t forget. This is the end of the best Saga ever made on Earth.

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