Highlights of Iddari Lokam Okate Movie – Raj Tarun & Shalini’s Silent Hit

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Merry Christmas!!! As a Santa Gift, Tollywood has released Iddari Lokam Okate Movie released today. As expected, it’s a romantic movie and there is wonderful chemistry between Raj Tarun and Shalini. At the end of the year, it has reached the movie lover’s expectations. Scroll down for the complete Iddari Lokam Okate Movie Review, Ratings, Public talk and all.

Iddari Lokam Okate Movie Review

Raj Tarun as Mahi and Shalini Pandey as Varsha are childhood friends. Mahi is a photographer who is like his father and doesn’t have many expectations about the future. The female main role, Varsha believes in living the life fullest, completely opposite to Raj Tarun.

As per the Iddari Lokam Okate Movie Review, it’s a very slow-paced movie. Some of the movie lovers may get bored because of the lag in the story. But Public talk is Raj Tarun & Shalini’s Iddari Lokam Okkate may be a silent hit for both of them. They acted well, but the director narrated it slow, emotional. It’s a remake movie of 2011’s Hit Turkish drama Aşk Tesadüfleri Sever.

Director GR Krishna tried very well to make it a different love story than all Telugu childhood stories such as Nenu Sailaja, Mansantha Nuvve. Mickey J Meyer, the music director of Iddari Lokam Okate has given his good support for the movie hit. Cinematography by Sameer Reddy shows the beauty of the movie with Raj Tarun’s new look and Shalini’s bubbliness.

Raj Tarun’s Iddari Lokam Okate Storyline

Coming to the storyline, a tragic twist in this Movie, two pregnant ladies are on the way to the hospital and one of them met with an accident. Both delivered in the same hospital at the same time as we have seen the picture at the beginning of the Iddari Lokam Okate Trailer. The two grown-up kids became friends and got separated because of some situations.


Approximately, after 8 years again they met each other and connected again. From that point, they are meeting regularly and growing fond of each other, but not yet shared their feelings. The story moving slowly, they keep on crossing paths from birth and believing it as love. The actual story started here hence destiny changes and they found a much powerful force at play here.

Raj Tarun and Shalini Pandey acted well. Varsha’s (Shalini) cute expressions and beautiful eyes make the movie more beautiful. The scenes seem much emotional but not connected as expected. The movie ended with an emotional and serious climax and we don’t feel it as a perfect ending. Most of the audience saying that it could be concluded better.

Rating of Iddari Lokam Okkate

As Christmas is a Holiday, the theatres are rush and we got most of the response with the first show of the movie itself. The Iddari Lokam Okkate Movie Review finally concluded that it’s an emotional love story at the end of the year 2019. Iddari Lokam Okkate Telugu movie got an overall rating of 2.5/5, which may be a silent hit expected to get more response from upcoming shows.

Anyhow, our Cinemasodhi team congratulates all the team for success and hope for the more hits in the Tollywood future. Heartful wishes to Raj Tarun and Shalini for leading such a wonderful love story which melted the audience’s hearts with the wonderful dialogues.

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