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Raghava Lawrence Indian famous Choreographer turned Director came today after succeeding with 3 parts from Muni to Kanchana, he is back with fourth part as Kanchana 3. Here is Cinema Sodhi s exclusive review about the Kanchana 3 whether it is upto expectations or average.

Kanchana-3 Movie Review

Story & Analysis

As like in earlier parts Raghawa Lawarance he himself playing two roles Raghava and Kaali. We can see two different shades of Lawrence in the movie one is Raghava, a friendly guy plays with kids and scared of ghosts stories. He needs his mother (Kovai Sarala) by his side always at night time because of his fear in ghosts.

And we can see another role as Kaali a tough guy, who runs an orphanage on his mother’s name. He played this role as a philanthropist.

At this moment Minister Shankar along with his brother plans to corrupt 80 crores with the help of Kaali(Lawrence), but Kaali didn’t accept the offer. He and his girlfriend were murdered mercilessly by the minister.

And how Kaali becomes the ghost and takes revenge on minister Shankar with the help of Raghava is the story of Kanchana 3.


The movie is completely a one-man show of Lawarance carries the whole film on his shoulders with his dual performance as Kaali and Raghava. The scenes when Raghava transforming as Kaali are special showcased and they are very scary too.

In the First half of the film, we can see a few horror comedy scenes which the audience can enjoy and make them laugh. We can enjoy the characters of kovai Sarala, Devadarshini and Sriman as their scary scenes bursts laugh in the theater.

And the three heroines Vedhika, Oviya, and Nikki Tamboli also played glamours role. Cinematography is good and scenes which come at night view showed very well.

Though this is a sequel to past movies, Lawrence took the new concept in the political as well as social service, but it is somewhere misses the movie plot. Coming to Screenplay, when compared to previous films of Lawrence, the screenplay of this film is very pathetic. We can easily find some scenes which already watched in previous movies of Lawrence.

Coming to music, Thaman once again impressed with his background music but failed to give one hit song also.


On the whole, Kanchana-3 is typical Horror movie with some laughs, with some mother sentiment. The first half of the movie seems to be good but the slowness of the second half and lengthy narration of flashback make audience bore.

When compared previous movies of Lawarance in Kanchana series, this movie is not upto expectations. If you are a big fan of Lawrence and likes horror comedy and mass elements, you can enjoy some parts of the film.

Rating 3/5

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