Maharshi Movie Review: A heart felt bumpy journey

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Finally, the most awaited landmark movie of Mahesh Babu. Maharshi got released today. Let’s have a look to what extent, Vamshi Paidipally and team delivered the movie.

Maharshi Movie Review


Rishi (Mahesh Babu) is the success seeker who considers his father as a role model not to become, a failure. He completes his graduation as a topper and joins a company called Origin. He soon becomes the CEO of it but after knowing that he owes something big to his close friend, Ravi, how he involves and clears his problems is the story. It’s the story of a man who strives for success as a “Rishi” and finally finds out the truth of life and settles down as “Maharshi.”

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It’s not first time in Telugu that films were made on a common social issue involving commercial elements. Maharshi comes with the same formula. The three-hour drama has a gripping first half which has college stage friendship and love involved. The characterization of young Rishi is good.

Allari Naresh as Ravi got a pivot role to perform. However, Pooja Hegde got a Let’s do Nothing role. The first half has an emotional ending that everyone loves and expects more.

maharshi mahesh & Poojahede

Here starts the trouble. The second half has got lengthy episodes which creates silence in theatres but the final 40 minutes come to rescue the movie. The pre-climax and climax were shaped perfectly, but the ending solution becomes superficial.

There are few unrealistic and hypothetical elements in the story like the hero’s character almost like a superhero finding success everywhere. Sudden personal leave as a CEO for his friend.

This movie is not an exception for creating the villain character beyond the creepy and conservative man.


Mahesh Babu delivered a superb performance. It may not be his career best but got synced into the character with ease. He justified the role which has got three variations as a young college student, CEO of a company and a man who comes out to rescue the villagers.

maharshi movie photos

Allari Naresh did justice for his role as Ravi. Pooja Hegde looked gorgeous for which she was taken. The rest of the cast, Jagapathi Babu, Prakash Raj, Jayasudha, Vennela Kishore got their roles.

Technical aspects:

If there are any negative aspects in the film, that blame has to be taken by the director Vamsi Paidipally and the editing unit for making the film such lengthy unnecessarily. Rest is fine in terms of direction. BGM by DSP added soul, but songs are not that great. Production values are up to the mark but the budget poured could not be seen.

Final Verdict:

Maharshi is a film that works on a social cause down-weighted with commercial elements and the length which makes the film a one-time watch. The film has a strong message to introspect everyone and an emotional

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